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We have a time tested track record of protecting clients’ patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other intellectual property.

Protecting Your Vision And Your Bottom Line

 A strong IP portfolio is intended to protect your technology or creative expression from copying and to drive your profits, but it shouldn’t just stop there. Your portfolio should also protect you against unwanted attacks from your competitors by also protecting the sphere around your core creation, thereby building value and preventing others from designing around your idea or creation.


 With Chase on your side you will develop an IP vision that will establish a valuable IP plan that aligns with your business goals. Following that IP plan, your innovations and other IP assets are then considered in view of the IP landscape to formulate and execute a combination of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and licensing strategies around your idea or creation.

Have a bright idea for an invention? Patents provide businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors with a legal means to protect a new product, process, device, design, or formula. We help our clients obtain and maintain all types of patents. We also work closely with our clients to determine patent validity, while avoiding threats of infringement, to ensure your rights are fully protected. Without patent protection, your invention is at risk of being copied — or even patented — by a competitor.

Protecting your brand is essential. A company's name, slogan or logo can instantly create customer confidence in a product or service. We prepare, file, and handle various types of U.S. and foreign trademark applications. We also manage trademark portfolios, assist in licensing efforts, and deal with the nuances of trademark issues in social media and in other online channels. We actively represent plaintiffs to enforce trademarks in litigation, as well as defendants that have been accused of infringement.



Copyright law allows those who produce creative work — software developers, artists, photographers, writers, musicians and others — to protect the creative expression in their work, as well as any financial rewards it may produce. We work closely with individuals to preserve their rights through copyright laws. Although registration is not required to protect your work, a person wishing to pursue legal action for infringement of a copyrighted work must register that work with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Trade secrets are any confidential information that provides your company a competitive advantage. This includes information such as ingredients or formulas, manufacturing processes, research and development information or client lists. Unauthorized use of trade secrets by anyone other than the holder may be deemed a violation of the federal or state trade secret laws. The holder of a trae sercet may seek court-ordered injunctions preventing further disclosure or use of a trade secret as well as compensation for economic damages caused by the disclosure of the proprietary information.



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